Modelling a low poly hand for sculpting

I took a while this weekend to revisit some low poly body parts. I recorded a bunch of this modelling and then watched it back, it helped me figure out where I was making some topology errors.

I never build hands these days, I’ve got a bunch of hand models with different polygon counts and I just pull one into whatever model I’ve working on. I was happy with this hand:

Untitled from Rick Stirling on Vimeo.

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  2. Brian Says:


    Hai. I will watch this tut man, awesome, thank you. Came by to share your tiling rocks tutorial with a friend. I wish you wrote in here more!


  3. MortalJohn Says:

    This is a great little video and exsactly the type of thing I’ve been looking for, for ages! I’ll be bringing this up in my classes this evening as I know alot of them have been having trouble figuring out methods to model hands recently, greatly apprieciated!

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